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Doofus Game

Notice the crisp shadows.Shadows offer excellent ambiance to the cartoon effect of the game thanks to a fast stencil shadow algorithm.

Contemporary graphics
A great bloom effect. Notice how the sun peeps through and creates a great sunlight effect. The sun rays bleeds into neighboring geometry making the scene look truly great.

Breath-taking effects
Quick hints on what is expected. Dont be to lazy though, pick these and remember them. Watch the signs, they can say a lot.

Interactive tips
Nice bright sunlit environments. The engine creates a nice blurred halo around shadows, just like bright sunlight would.<br />

Bright environments
The entire game is based on a Cartoon theme. Notice the complex 3D environment. Another example of sun and shadows. The sharp shadows go nicely with the cartoon theme of the game.

3D cartoon theme
The game-play features new and changing interactive elements. You will never get bored.<br />

Interactive game-play
The game offers innovative challenges that will keep you hooked. Think before you leap!

Innovative Challenges
Each level pushes you to learn something more. When you thought you had it figured, there is a new challenge waiting for you!

On the edge
Always expect more!

Expect more
Crazy and cool animations that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Cool animations
Custom made GUI. The GUI has a nice cool theme that nicely fits with the cartoon image of the game. This is the play window.

The GUI - Play Window
The game features jumping, bouncing, running guaranteed to keep you pinned to your seat!

Jumping Galore
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